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Trees For Israel

Trees For Israel

“When you shall come to the land, you shall plant trees”
A Ring of Three Trees Will be Planted
In Memory of
Robert Smith
Beloved Husband and Father
May This Serve as
A living Tribute to His Memory
The Conrad Family

Plant a Tree in Israel

Plant a tree in Israel to honor God,

Plant a Tree in Israel to fulfill Gods word and Prophesies

Plant a tree in Israel to establish GROWTH covenant of life , business, family and even for your children and many more

Honor and Commemorate Loved Ones by Planting a Tree in Israel

We partnered with Jewish National Fund (“JNF”) to continue the legacy of planting trees in Israel. Planting a tree in Israel is the perfect way to show you care. You can plant trees ‘in memory’ of your loved one and help green the land of Israel.

With each order to Plant Trees in Israel, a beautiful certificate is mailed to the recipient with a personalized message. The certificate contains an illustration of a landscape with tree groves, together with a traditional and culturally-appropriate prayer.

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