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Connect with Israel Initiatives

Become a ISTANDWITHISRAEL Friend to connect with Israel in an innovative way.

ISTANDWITHISRAEL Connect is an online platform that enables Christians around the world to discover, connect, and engage with Israel-related ministries that have been endorsed by ISTANDWITHISRAEL.

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Why become a ISTANDWITHISRAEL Friend?


Stay up to date with what God is doing in Israel and get personal recommendations of ministries that meet your passions.


Connect with Israel related ministries doing effective work.


Join a network of others who share the vision and be equipped to more effectively pray, give and support Israel.


How we help you take action.

  • Opportunities to form and maintain relationships with other ministries organizations or individuals.
  • Discover new ministries to follow and support through prayer finances and resources.
  • Log in for a detailed view of Israel-related Ministries.
  • Personalized ministry recommendations based on your interests.
  • Discounted registration at ISTANDWITHISRAEL events.
  • Ministries/Businesses:

“…to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16)

Pray for Israel and the Jewish people

Commit to dedicating 1% of your day — only 14 minutes — to praying that God would bring peace to Israel and establish her once again as a “light to the nations.” (Isaiah 49:6)

Give 1% to bless Israel

Whether you’re an individual, ministry, or business, pledge to give 1% of your income to bless the people and nation of Israel. Whatever your passion is, we want to help you find effective, Biblically-grounded ministries with which to partner.

Connect with effective ministries reaching Israel

ISTANDWITHISRAEL works to help you establish lasting, two-way friendships and partnerships with ministries around the world, achieving the great aim of the Bible: Jews and Gentiles working together as One Body in the Messiah.