Believers FRIENDS OF ISRAEL Network


We are committed to mobilize Christians from all around the world to establish relationship and bless Israel in the name of the Lord.

We believe our Lord Jesus is both the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world;

However, our stand alongside Israel is not conditional upon her acceptance of our belief. We exist to comfort and to support them and to educate Christians of their Jewish roots and of God’s plans for Israel.


Friends of Israel Network is well committed also to teach the church’s responsibility toward the Jewish people, and brings awareness to the Jewish people of our solidarity with them.

We Christians have got the opportunity to learn from the rich ancient Jewish culture and traditions in order to enrich our faith worship and relationship with our Abba Father in Heaven.


  • You will Learn & Get an insider’s view of the Jewish lifestyle, culture, and pulse of Israel.
  • You will Enriched your Christian Life with touch of Jewish and be more close to your maker. Exchange knowledge with other Christians from around the world and be part of the endtime events concerning Israel.
  • You will be part of Blessing Israel with you token very little monthly contribution to Israel
  • You will find fun, adventure, and purpose knowing you are making a personal difference for Israel.

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