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“Without doubt our Church Trinity House is a good Friend of Israel as host Annual Israel Celebration and we do remember always in prayers.” I consider it a privilege to support ISWI and it’s vision as I can Say boldly God bless Israel.







Pastor Ituah Ighodalo
Trinity House Lagos.


“I am really excited to be a working  partner with Pastor Rex Ajenifuja and his organization Istandwithisrael.org  in the various Pro-Israel Advocate in Nigeria as the Regional Director for Christian for Israel www.c4israel.org. We’re a part of it and I want you pray about being a part of it too.






Bishop Samson Elemi
Regional Director (West Africa)
Christian for Israel www.c4Isarel.org


I really believe that one of the greatest blessings Gateway church has ever experienced is because we give, openly identify and we bless Israel. Take some time, study about God’s plan, and then begin blessing Israel and watch what God does!”







Rev. David Ogbueli
Senior Pastor
Dominioncity Church www.dominioncity.org


“When I heard about I STAND WITH ISRAEL, I was filled with Joy and said: ‘This is the Lord!’ The miracle of this hour for our dear Country and for the church in Nigeria it is the awakening that is happening among the Messianic Jews and the stir that is occurring around the world among God’s ancient people. I STAND WITH ISRAEL is going to make a difference in our churches and in our times. Join me and others who are embracing the call to stand as believers with Israel.”







Bishop Raphael Olusola Ore
Chairman, Lagos State
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria


“An initiative to build Messiah-centered relationships between Christian and Messianic Jewish leaders for the purpose of blessing the inhabitants of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community is long overdue in Nigeria. IstandwithIsrael is such an initiative. We are witnessing a rapid rise of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes, not only throughout the World but in the church. Now is the time we must act. As the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises up a standard against him. God is raising up IstandwithIsrael for such a time as this.”







The Chief Operating Officer
DEISI International  www.delsi.org