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Lagos Action Committee Team

Mission Statement
I Stand with Israel was established to Motivates, Inspires, Mobilize and give expression of Christian love and concern for the Jewish people and the state of Israel in recognizing the prophetic purpose of God coming to pass in our day and also recognizing our immense debt as Christians to our Jewish roots.

The mandate of I Stand with Israel is to bring together Christian in Nigeria in support of Israel and of our shared Judeo-Christian heritage and values.

A principal focus of I Stand with Israel is Education – reaching out to Churches, fellowships and student groups on Campuses with programs to promote better understanding of Israel’s past, present from both biblical and historical perspective and to bring the two communities together in expressions of solidarity.
Ibadan Action Team

Statement of Purpose
• I Stand with Israel office was opened in Lagos on Tuesday September 30, 2010 to give Christians nationwide a focal point in the State of Israel and to represent Christian concern for the Jewish people.
• The Organization does not represent any particular government, political party, Church organization, denomination or business group.
• It does represent the concern of millions of Christians who love and honour the Jewish people and who wish to obey the word of God concerning them.

Goals & Strategies
1. To express friendship and solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world.
2. To inform and educate Christians as to their Old Testament roots and obligations according to Scripture.
3. To demonstrate love and concern for the Jewish people through teaching, dialogue and communication.
4. To educate, inform and encourage Christians as to events and their significance in and to Israel
5. To encourage travel to the Holy Land.
6. To remind and encourage Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the land and the peoples in and about Israel.
7. To combat all forms of anti-Semitism among Christians.
8. To develop, produce and distribute educational material to churches on God’s eternal covenant with Israel and the biblical basis for Christian support for Israel and the Jewish people.
9. Newsletter and website with biblical teachings on Israel and information on developments in the region and their potential consequences.